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    The White House said U.S. President Joe Biden expressed "support" for a ceasefire in a call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, the eighth day of fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in Gaza.

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    India's total virus cases since the pandemic began swept past 25 million as the country registered more than 260,000 new cases and a record 4,329 fatalities in the last 24 hours.

  3. India Cyclone

    The Indian navy is working to rescue crew members from a sunken barge and a second cargo vessel that was adrift Tuesday off the coast of Mumbai after a deadly cyclone struck the western coast.


    Microsoft conducted a probe into co-founder Bill Gates's involvement with an employee almost 20 years ago after it was told in 2019 that he had tried to start a romantic relationship with the person, the company said on Monday.

  5. India Cyclone

    A powerful cyclone that emerged in the Arabian Sea made landfall on India's western coast on Monday, hours after authorities evacuated hundreds of thousands of people and suspended COVID-19 vaccinations in one state.